The Red Suitcase(2023) by Fidel Devkota

1h 27min / Drama / Nepal
(Post Production)
Numerous mysterious events unfold on the road while a pick-up truck driver is making a routine delivery, which seems to be unexpectedly intertwined with the cargo he is transporting.


ANHAD (2022) (The Eternal Melody) by Niranjan Raj Bhetwal

14min / Short / Nepal

In her dreams, a devout woman is visited by her deceased husband, stranded in the liminal space between death and the afterlife. With her son, she embarks on a mystic errand to help him on his quest for salvation. Religion, spirituality, and the universal human condition are intricately woven in this tale about the agony of accepting loss, while navigating the dissonance between letting go and holding onto that which has passed.

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2022 – (Nominee) Ammodo Tiger Short Competition
Raindance Film Festival 2022 – (Nominee) International Short Film Competition


Snow Leoprad (2021) by Fidel Devkota

14min / Short / Nepal

A young mountain guide in the intermediate state of Bardo (liminal state) is following the trails of Snow Leopard in the mystical landscape. While following the trails, he encounters a Tibetan yak herder and a female goat herder who also seems to be struggling in the limbo. The mountain guide needs to find the Snow Leopard as they are believed to be the messenger between the realm of God and the realm of the Man, thus it is his only hope that can guarantee him and other two a safe passage to the next realm. However, due to climate change in the Himalayas, Snow Leopards are near-extinct thus their quest becomes eternal and their liberation, uncertain.


Ayu (2020) by Chathra Weeraman

1h 56m / Drama / Sri Lanka

IAfter getting in a car accident, a pregnant woman discovers a deadly secret about her life that begins to destroy everything and everyone she loves until she decides to escape her present and journey out digging deep hoping to find answers.

Around International Film Festival 2019


Inflammable (2020) by Chinthana Dharmadasa

1h 14m / Drama / Sri Lanka

Kamal murders his wife and, in an agitated and confused state, he sets on a journey to dispose of the body. While driving to a far place, he encounters a young woman who blackmails about exposing and joins with Kamal in the picnic on the road.


The Red Phallus (2018) by Tashi Gyeltshen

1h 25m / Drama / Bhutan

We all live in one story but different realities. Or perhaps, we all live in one reality but different stories. And in between, there is just a mask.

Busan International Film Festival 2018 – (Winner) FIPRESCI Award
Berlin International Film Festival 2019 – (Nominee) Crystal Bear
Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2019 – (Nominee) Best Youth Feature Film


Her. Him. The Other (2018) – by Prasanna Vithanage, Vimukthi Jayasundara, Ashoka Handagama

1h 56m / Drama / Sri Lanka

Three Sri Lankan filmmakers renowned for their internationally acclaimed films based on the Sri Lankan civil war, join in to make one film to express their views on post-war reality.

New York Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival 2018 – (Nominee) Best Screenplay


The Wind Beneath Us (2018) by Nuwan Jayathilake

1h 24m / Drama / Sri Lanka

The wind beneath us” Tells a story of a family living in rural sri lanka, and the bond between two boys and their white bull. Which they rely solely upon for income. When the bull is stolen by two men from the city and taken to a slaughter-house, the youngest of the two brother, set out on an adventure to somehow find their beloved bull and return back home. The film depicts the very spirit of perseverance and the innocence of a child’s determination against all odds.

Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2018 – (Nominee) Best Screenplay
WorldFest Houston 2016 – Independent Shorts Awards – (Winner) Bronze Remi Award


Red Butterfly Dream (2016) by Priyantha Kaluarachchi

1h 33m / Drama / Sri Lanka

Samantha and Ajith lives in a flat close to Colombo. Ajith is a contract killer with connections to the underworld. Samantha is his friend. He gets occasional attacks of epilepsy. His uncle is a preacher at a shrine of gods. Samantha and Uncle hold an ancient script. It is said in the script that a treasure can be attained by sacrificing a virgin with four birthmarks lined in her neck. Samantha meets a young Tamil girl with four birth marks placed accordingly on her neck. Her name is Raajini. She comes to Colombo in search of her lost sister. Her sister has been a member of L.T.T.E. Even though there are four birthmarks on neck Samantha is doughtful of her virginity.samantha goes against the sacrificing of rjini for the treasure that does not reveal itself. Samantha goes insane and meets the rajini’s sprit. He entangles himself in her sprit with love.


Dark in the white light (2015) by Vimukthi Jayasundara

1h 22m / Drama / Sri Lanka

A Buddhist monk on a spiritual quest. A Student trying to test his limits. An organ dealer growing his business. A surgeon who heals by day and rapes women at night. The film interweaves various stories, on the threshold of pain, between life and death. Dark in The White Light entered the main competition at Locarno Film Festival and after that it was screened in number of festival whileLocarno International Film Festival 2015 – (Nominee) Golden Leopard Festival

DES 3 CONTINENTS 2015 – (Nominee) Golden Montgolfiere
Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2015 – (Nominee) Best Screenplay
Tokyo Filmex Festival 2015 – (Winner) Special Jury Award
Busan International Film Festival 2015 – (Nominee) Window on Asian Cinema


Silent Tears(2014) by Ilango Ramanathan

13m / Drama / Sri Lanka

An innocent father and his blind daughter with a doll spend their days within the walls of a bunker during the final stages of civil war in Sri Lanka. The surprising third character connects the father, daughter and the doll in a sorrowful manner. The blood tears they shed during the darkest hours are unheard by many. The characters represent the current stages of the tamils in Sri Lanka. The ones who died, disappeared and the living dead.

This film won the best Foreign language short film in Film Awards London


Mehi Kawiyak Nometha (2013) by Kalinga Deshapriya

10m / Drama / Sri Lanka

The war has finally ended. But the state of the country continues to cripple citizens. A youth decides to commit a radical act. At the last moment, his act is also thwarted showing the pervasiveness of the state.


Light in the Yellow Breathing Space (2012) by Vimukthi Jayasundara)

40m / Drama / Sri Lanka

In the most beautiful place in the planet, a father wants his little son to witness his last breath with a deep understanding of life.

Dubai International Film Festival 2012 – (Nominee) Muhr AsiaAfrica Award


60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (2011)

1h 0m / Drama / Sri Lanka

The film is a collection of one-minute short films created by 60 filmmakers from around the world on the theme of the death of cinema.



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